Well Hello There World!

So I have just joined the bandwagon of blogging and so far this looks promising. The reason I decided to create a blog is to share inspiration in the form of stories, quotes and other interesting things I find during my journey of… well life. I will also throw in bundles of helpful how- to articles and advice columns for those days with pesky problems getting in the way.

On a personal level this can be used as a tool to combat the ‘stresses and strains’ of daily life and may of course act as a companion to those who need a positive uplift or to simply enjoy reading the posts. By all means this can also be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea with chocolately biscuits on the side. If you are reading this, you are probably my first reader so be prepared to be amused and entertained!



Live With Passion

Everyday can be draining if work is on the mind constantly during the week, many of us unable to enjoy something as simple as a hobby or lack in happiness by unfulfilling our wishes.

 “The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions”

– Lord Alfred Tennyson

If there’s anything to be learnt by Tennyson’s wisdom is that by lightening up a little and doing things we enjoy then our overall happiness levels will be much greater. Why not when you finish work or have spare time in the afternoon, crack open a good novel and read if only for a few minutes. Having some me-time may be exactly what many of us need in these busy and stressful times. Chill out and have some fun, the soul needs some rest too!

Summer Bucket List

Summer as great as it sounds often leaves us free of things to do while not at work. If you are lucky to have some time off from your busy schedule and cannot decide how to entertain yourself, here are several ideas to keep you going during the summer break. Think of it as a summer bucket list of things to do if you’re stuck for plans or to find one’s new path to life.

1.) Take a trip/ go to the beach

2.) Read a romantic or insightful novel

3.) Do something you won’t ever regret doing

4.) Keep a journal of your summer experiences

5.) Have a Netflix marathon- come on we’ve all been there!

6.) Experiment with a new hairstyle

7.) Learn the art of Feng Shui- it’s as fun as moving furniture goes

8.) Pick up a new hobby, if you have time so something creative like painting, writing poetry or music

9.) Fall in love with a song and play it over and over again

10.) Keep your blog updated with the fun and schenanigans of summertime madness 

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Inspiring The Nation

Yes, the working week has begun yet again with many busy bodies filled up with mugs of coffee and stuffed with bagels. Instead of falling into the circle of the daily grind just think of what can be accomplished this week and for those weeks to come.


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. –Anne Frank

Don’t wait around for something good to happen at work; whether it would be a small change like jumbling up your daily schedule or a big one, such as new ways to work with colleagues on an upcoming project. Things can be just as satisfying as crossing off tasks on your to-do-list. Go out, do good and become the inspiration!

10 Beauty Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About Before!

This post by beautywithsarah has some very useful tips for conquering the beauty blues

That's My Style

Hey everyone, so today I want to share 10 beauty tips I recently learned so lets get started!

1. Vaseline + Toothbrush = Best Lip Exfoliator Ever 

2. Eye Cream makes your cuticles stronger.

3. Allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.

4. Apply coconut oil to knees and elbows to reduce darkness.

5. Wear shimmery eye shadow to compliment a bold, matte lip.

6. You can use eye shadow that is closest to your hair color as dry shampoo!

7. Instead of using a gel face cleanser, use a cream or milk cleanser to wash your face. It’s less drying.

8. Never pump your mascara pump. It will cause it to dry out.

9. To prevent liquid liner from drying out, store it upside down.

10. Not sure if a foundation is your shade? Rub it on the inside of your wrist. Does it blend?…

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